African Cetoniidae


African Cetoniidae

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Mecynorrhina ugandensis

The species is treated by some authors as subspecies of Mecynorrhina torquata. It is variable in colour, males posses simple up-curved horn. The species occur in Eastern Zaire, Uganda and Rwanda. Size: 50-85 mm.

Eudicella woermanni

About 30 medium-sized species of genus Eudicella occur in Sub-saharan Africa including South Africa. The sexual dimorphism is well developed, males possess bifurcated horn. Size: 20-45 mm. 

Fornasinius fornasini

First known species of this genus was described based on the specimens from Mozambique. The sexual dimorphism is well developed, horn of males is short, stout and down-curved. Size: 30-60 mm.

Ranzania splendens

Medium-sized species occuring in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mosambique and RSA. Larvae develop  mainly in rotten wood in high level of decomposition. Adults feed primarily on decaying fruits. Size: 28-40 mm. 

Stephanocrates preussi

The species occur in humid mountain forest ecosystems in Cameroon. Their population is rapidly declining due to the habitat destruction and hunting for insect trade. Four colour variations are known. Size:  40-55 mm.

Goliathus goliatus

The biggest African beetle variable in colour pattern. The species is widespread from western to eastern equatorial Africa. Hunting and trade with goliath beetles is complementary source of  family income in rural rural areas of Equatorial Africa. Size: 50-110 mm.

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