Choosing a device for presenting 3D models

Computer 3D models bring new possibilities of displaying and presenting objects for pedagogical or scientific purposes. 3D models of small natural objects, produced by VirNat s.r.o., allow viewing them from any angle, but also changing the magnification when studying details. From 3D models it is possible to prepare animated videos, on which the model is projected in at least two planes.Videos of 3D models of small natural objects are an attractive addition to exhibitions, lectures, but also to permanent museum exhibitions. It is spectacular to project videos on large screens, but also in holographic showcases and holographic projectors.

Projection on a large screen is simple and spectacular

The basic form of displaying 3D models is projecting them on a screen, and the larger the image area, the more powerful the viewing experience. The advantage of a large projection area is especially apparent when viewing details. VirNat s.r.o. also provides a video animation for each purchased model, where the displayed object rotates in the horizontal and vertical planes in 360o angle. A powerful interactive experience of the 3D model is provided by an application that allows non-contact control of the object on the screen using a hand gesture. Gestures can be used to select a 3D model from the model library, zoom and rotate it in all directions. Videos of 3D models can be equipped with running subtitles and composed into thematic assemblies. Projected thematic model assemblies are an effective addition to professional or popularization lectures.

Holographic projectors

Some holographic projection systems can be used to project the 3D models created by VirNat s.r.o. They are effectively displayed in the projection space of holographic showcases, which are also known as holographic pyramids.

They are available in sizes from 50 cm to 2 metres. The most commonly used are the three-sided pyramids, where the holographic display of the model can be viewed at a 270 degree angle.

The advantage of the trilateral pyramid is that it allows the insertion of a real object into the projection space, the model can be projected close to or in contact with the object. Thus, for example, a model of a flower over which a model of an insect is projected will create the illusion of the insect moving on the flower.

This form of presentation is particularly suitable for educational purposes, as it allows the illusion of a process that occurs realistically in nature to be created. The more advanced inverted pyramid-shaped model does not have a back black wall and the model is thus observable from all sides. A version of the holographic display case constructed in the shape of the letter “Z” is also available, which allows the object to be viewed from only one side. It is suitable for use as a built-in element in more complex expositions.

Very effective is the projection of 3D models and their video animations by means of rotating LED FAN projectors.

LED FAN projectors have several advantages. They are lightweight, portable, user-friendly and can be combined into assemblies that allow the projection of large holographic images.

The smaller LED FAN projector models, 30 and 42 cm in diameter, have two rotating blades, while the smaller one is available in a tabletop version with a protective Plexiglas cover.

The larger 65 cm diameter projector has four rotating blades, this type can be used for stacking holographic walls consisting of multiple projectors. Holographic walls are well suited for use as a light advertisement, but also as a 3D presentation screen. The largest holographic projectors have a diameter of 100 cm with a display area of 1 m2.

What not to forget

When choosing which holographic system is best suited for a particular space, there are a number of factors to consider.

The availability of a mains connection and suitable lighting conditions are the first factors to consider.

The rapidly rotating light blades of an LED FAN projector can cause serious injury on contact, so care must be taken to prevent access to the projector when it is switched on.

The intensity of use should also be taken into account when selecting the appropriate equipment for presenting 3D models. While large screen monitors and holographic displays can run 24/7, LED FAN projectors are not built for continuous operation.

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